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Twisty Tealz: Norwegian & Icelandic

A Norwegian & Icelandic Language-Learning Card Game




In this bilingual card game, you will learn numbers, colors, and phrases in the Nordic language of your choice - or both. A fun addition to your language-learning journey, or a perfect way to learn together with friends and family before your next trip to Scandinavia! This fast-paced, easy-to-learn game is perfect for total beginners and includes a little something for more advanced learners, too.

And rune lovers, rejoice! Twisty Tealz includes words transliterated into medieval runes.

Be the first player to have zero cards left in their hand and declare "Null Kort" or "Núll Spil" to win!

Why these languages?

Norwegian and Icelandic both descended from Old West Norse, language of vikings and fabled shieldmaidens. Today, Norwegian is spoken by over 5.3 million people, while Icelandic is spoken by over 330,000. Norwegian consists of many dialects, yet is mutually intelligible with both Danish and Swedish. Icelandic is - thanks to the strong literary tradition of the sagas - the closest living relative to Old Norse. Furthermore, Norway ranks #1 in the world for freedom of the press, and Iceland is known for being one of the best places in the world to live as a woman!

Additional Info
  • This game uses Bokmål, the most common written form of Norwegian.
  • Includes 107 playable cards, a rule card, and pronunciation guides.
  • By purchasing this game, you'll be supporting a new and innovative language-learning game company, as well as a multiple-minority designer! Designer: Luella Lin Garies
  • Includes rule card in English, plus digital copy of rules in French and English
  • Native Icelandic contributor: Ásbjörn Sigurpálsson
  • Audio guides available on Philyra Games website.
  • Follow us for more games to come! @PhilyraGames
  • Formerly titled "Null Kort, Núll Spil."

Card Guide & How to Play



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Publish Date September 26, 2022
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More Info Twisty Tealz: Norwegian & Icelandic web site

Why buy this?

  • Learn colors, numbers, and phrases!
  • Learn one Nordic language - or two in one game!
  • Phrases transliterated into medieval runes!


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