“I think this game is fun and a great gateway into worker placement games. I would recommend this game...”
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A Small, Fast Worker Placement Game

Vehicles is a quick, challenging worker placement game. Unlike other worker placement games which can take two or more hours to play, Vehicles is designed to take about 20 minutes per player. That means a game usually lasts about an hour and a half or less. It's also quick to set up and get going.

Each of your vehicles is a worker in this game and each has its own abilities. Move your car to a land space to buy a part, or move your boat to the salvage where your car cannot reach. You can build additional worker vehicles. Will you build the fast rocket that always goes first but cannot carry cargo, or the sneaky submarine that can share a space with another vehicle?

With a host of different possible improvements, different scenarios and game goals, and interesting choices, Vehicles is a game that will never get old.

Vehicles review on All Us Geeks: Vehicles - Jeff's Perspective [www.allusgeeks.com]

Hey! Want a genuine chipboard playing board instead of the playing mat? It costs a bit extra, but you can get it here: Vehicles Chipboard [www.thegamecrafter.com]




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  • Quick to Learn!
  • Quick to Play!
  • Fun to Play!


DesignerMike Young
Average Rating (1)
Publish DateSeptember 22, 2011
DepartmentBoard Games
SettingModern / Present
AudienceHardcore Gamer
Primary MechanicWorker Placement
If You LikeAgricola
More InfoVehicles web site

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