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Build a sweet village in 15 minutes!




Village in a Box is a game about village-building. There's nothing fancy here--you're just some impoverished medieval noble trying to build a decent home for your miserable subjects. And well you should. At least a couple other nobles in the area are doing what they can to build up a sweet village, too. Trade with your opponents, or send thieves their way to slow their progress!

Simultaneous Play:
1. Everyone takes 6 cards.
2. Build what you can; trade cards with opponents to take the most advantage of your cards.
3. Save 2 cards in your hand; discard the rest!
4. Repeat steps 1-3 until someone has a village worth 20 points! The person with the most points wins.

Requirement-Based Building:
Most cards have requirements you must build first. Each card can be used as a requirement only once! Save high-value cards while you build up the required infrastructure--or develop the most basic structures and hope for the best!

Update 12/5/2013: Corrected box image centering issue, updated Huts card face to reflect 1 point value.

Update 12/16/2013: New shop ad & new card back finished. Also working on an expansion pack...stay tuned!

Update 12/30/2013: Fixed a known issue with the font to make each word more legible.

Update 2/14/2014: Kickstarter funded! The exclusive KS edition ships with 54 cards in addition to the base game. These include a new water-themed addition to the tech tree, ten playable characters that add new game mechanics, and a selection of extra cards that make a 5th player possible! These 54 cards will be available soon as a separate expansion.

Update 4/9/2014: All three expansions released in the Kickstarter are now available here: Water & People in a Box [] This includes (1) Water in a Box, which adds the Water resource and tech tree; (2) People in a Box, which adds 10 playable characters to the game; and (3) Player in a Box, which makes ViaB playable for 2-6 players!

Q: Do I need to have the cards line up with each other when I place them on the table?

A: No. The paths on each card do connect to each other, and they can be helpful to keep track of what's what when you're learning the game. However, it's more space-efficient to put the cards into stacks to show you've used up more basic cards with the more advanced cards.

Q: Do I trade an entire stack, or just the top card?

A: You may trade either, but you may not trade a card which is buried. For example, you may trade a Farm, or a Farm + Field, but you may not trade a Field that is under a Farm.

Q: What happens if the game hasn't ended, and we don't have enough cards to deal 6 to each player?

A: Deal as many as you can. This will likely be your last round.

Q: Where can I find the expansions?

A: Water & People in a Box []


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Publish Date December 04, 2013
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Why buy this?

A game that draws me in like that, is kind of unbelievable. I feel I could play it over and over again. I absolutely love this game.

  • Simultaneous gameplay!
  • Setup in 10 seconds, finish in 10 minutes!
  • Discover dynamic tech trees!

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