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Volumes of Blood: Body Count

The game where you direct the horror!




Volumes of Blood: Body Count

The game where you control the horror!

Set your scene with killers, weapons and locations from the Volumes of Blood movie universe!

Pump up the fear with gore and effect cards and claim your victims!

Ruin other players scenes while they try to ruin yours!

Race to be the first to fill your body count!

We sent a copy of Volumes of Blood: Body Count to the guys over at the Punch Farm Podcast. Check out their interview/review!

Also, check out the Eat Chit & Dice Gaming Podcast review!

Eat Chit & Dice – Kickstarter Preview – Volumes of Blood: Body Count – Eat Chit & Dice


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Publish Date January 29, 2018
Edition First
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Why buy this?

With a flood of card games on the market, there is little separating them. However, Volumes of Blood: Body Count is an exception.

  • Fun "Take That!" game mechanic!
  • Great party game!
  • Excellent replay value!


  • This game contains a premium upgrade where the printed components will be embossed with a linen texture.


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