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After decades of neglect, the Cathedral is in grave disrepair. The Cardinal has commissioned three master craftsman to restore it to its former greatness. Each must strive to rework and beautify the stained glass windows to emulate the light of heaven's glory.

Walls of Light is a light strategy game for 2-3 players. Each player places their colored winks to complete the cathedrals windows. Colored winks can be combined to make new colors. When a craftsman completes a window, he earns points for the number of different colors within that window. All craftsman then earn points for their colored panes in the completed window. The colored dice are used to determine which of the six windows the master craftsman may work on this turn, and in what way they may place their colored pane. Strategy is enhanced with the stained glass cards which allow dice to be rerolled, the switching of colors, the adding of extra colors on your turn, etc.

Walls of Light is a fast-playing strategy game that players of all skill levels will enjoy.

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Publish Date October 07, 2011
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  • Winner of the Ice Pack Games Design Contest
  • Strategic Gameplay
  • Variable Set-Up for Replayablility

Jesse Catron

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