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Achieve success through mindfulness, visualization, and creative thinking




Waypoint is a solo problem-solving game using mindfulness, visualization, and creative thinking strategies to help you achieve a meaningful goal or resolve a significant issue.


Its randomized Awareness cards holistically span your beliefs about yourself, your environment, and your situation. Their prompts guide a creative thinking process, revealing new insights about causes and effects impacting your journey.


Waypoint also includes Visualization cards that guide a visualization process for exposing things hidden or dismissed by your conscious mind.


Waypoint’s combined use of mindfulness, visualization, and creative thinking gives you a deeper understanding of your obstacle’s root causes and instills confidence when formulating actions and implementing changes that are congruent with your authentic self.

Combining these problem-solving strategies helps you create a coheasive plan covering aspects of your life needing attention and a course of action for reaching your objectives.


Waypoint Analysis Sheets are included as a PDF for organizing your session and formulating your plan until you next waypoint.

Because goals and issues take time to achieve or resolve, Waypoint includes a self-correcting Journey Map you can use to chart your progress and identify opportunities for healing and improvement.


Waypoint includes an easy to read 20-page 8"x10" Instruction Booklet as a PDF that provides detailed card descriptions, sample sessions, and advice to help ensure your success.


Have a peek at this incredibly helpful Instruction Booklet.

All three documents are provided in digital PDF format for creating Waypoint on personal computers, tablets, e-readers, or printing them for a journal.


A Waypoint Cloth game board is not required, but you might enjoy using one. It is sold separately on Zazzle.

Two-Person Play

While the game is designed for solo play, two players may play Waypoint when they are collaborating on a shared objective or issue. Perhaps it is moving to a new location, getting through financial challenges, or making important changes in your relationship.

Two-person play can be an incredible bonding experience that deepens commitments to each other and their success. Two-person play is explained in the Instruction Booklet.

Waypoint for Professionals

Waypoint is an excellent tool for coaches, counselors, and therapists that complements many treatment approaches for individuals, couples, or group sessions. It is easily modified to a 30-minute session with homework for the client involving visualization and plan creation. The process is explained in the Instruction Booklet.

Here are what professionals say about Waypoint. Feel free to contact them for learning about their unique approach to helping you or those you love live life to its fullest potential.

“Waypoint compliments many different therapeutic practices. One is ACT, which stands for Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. ACT uses mindfulness and commitment to goals and actions that are guided by our values. Our values are like cardinal directions - just like you can continuously drive North and never reach “North”, we can continuously work toward the value of “Close Family Relationships” (or any other value) while never marking it off a list as done. ACT teaches us to always work toward our values. Goals and actions are Waypoints along the way. Waypoint is a really special tool with that in mind.” - Elizabeth Ledford, Licensed Professional Counselor, MS, LPC

“Waypoint offers my clients and groups alike, a chance to effectively gamify their personal, emotional, and spiritual goals into a tangible process thus helping them track a path and actively, yet graciously access their progress. While my coaching can create an relationship-based accountability, Waypoint is effective as a tool to be used privately or in coaching environments. Stephen as created a great tool to help along our healing journeys!” - Tim Groves, PSAP Addiction Recovery and Life Coach

"Waypoint is a cutting edge approach to analytical introspective therapy that's interactive, engaging as well as challenging for all clients. Waypoint encompasses an eclectic approach of the various therapeutic techniques utilized in the human service profession. I'm excited about the outcomes that Waypoint has the potential to produce. Thank you Stephen for creating this therapeutic tool". - Bryan Smith MA, LCDC, BCBT, CART

About Me


Waypoint's origins come from a life coaching practice I started in 2006, working with Dave Bucke of Coachville. I intuitively felt people needed to identify issues within their inner states and ever-changing external environments. I found they needed a more holistic approach to resolving personal issues and achieving meaningful goals; otherwise, their plans would soon fail, leaving them feeling stuck and discouraged. I self-published the Inner Awareness deck in 2012, based on the groundbreaking work of Dr. Claude Steiner involving Emotional Literacy. Later, I added the Environmental Awareness, Situational Awareness, and Visualization decks to my practice. My clients loved the insights they provided along their self-healing journey. I think you will too.


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Publish Date July 30, 2022
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Why buy this?

  • Overcome obstacles by creating enriching self-healing plans
  • Visualization helps you see what your have missed
  • Journey Maps help you improve your progress each week


  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.


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