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What in the World?

An educational party micro-game for 2 or more players




Are you nerd enough for this game?

Be 'that' guy in your family that knows everything. And remember, there is a Paris in Texas, just like there is a Rome in Georgia.


  • 6 Place cards
  • 12 Category cards


Shuffle the Place cards and turn one face-up. All named items must be located at this Place. Set aside the remaining Place cards; they won’t be used.

Shuffle the Category cards and turn one face-up. All named items must match this Category (and be located on the face-up Place). Set aside the remaining Category cards; they won’t be used.


Players take turns naming an item that matches the Category and Place.

If a player can’t name a matching item, or repeats one that has already been named, that player is out of the game.

If only one player is left, the game is over and that player wins. Otherwise, the remaining players continue to alternate naming items, until only one player remains.

Note: If there is a dispute between the rules and the text of a card, always go by the card text.


When only one player remains, the game is over and that player wins.


Created by Joel Byers

Game Design by Joel Byers and C. Scott Davis

Artwork by C. Scott Davis (adapted from Public Domain sources)


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Publish Date December 04, 2017
Edition 1.0
Department Games
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Why buy this?

  • Geography is 'cool'.
  • Watching animal programs on TV is 'rad'.
  • Learning about history is 'awesome'.


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