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Who Wants To Be President Of The World

Alt. Reality Presidential Debate Game




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'Who Wants To Be President Of The World?' is a 3-5 player game in which candidates use Point cards which have various responses to react to an Event card, which is drawn at the beginning of each debate alongside a Lore card and a World card. World cards determine the planet and population type, and Lore cards present a piece of information about the society. Players choose one moderator to start, with the position rotating clockwise after each debate. Players receive three Point cards and a one time use special ability Trait card at the beginning of the game. In round one of each debate, players have sixty seconds to make their Point to the moderator, who then chooses one candidate to award a Delegate to. Players may use any information available in order to make a Point or Counterpoint. In the second round, each candidate chooses another candidate's Point to Counterpoint in any manner they like, and again the moderator awards a Delegate to the position they felt was best. The third and final round of the debate involves each candidate voting for a candidate other than themselves they felt made their point most effectively. Winner of the vote receives one Delegate, and a tie awards one Delegate each to the candidates with the most votes.

After those three rounds the position of moderator switches, and then new World, Lore, and Event cards are drawn, beginning the next debate. Trait cards remain the whole game and must be turned over when activated, though candidates may choose to reveal their Trait card at any point without activating it at that time. Point cards are forfeited when they are successfully used, i.e. when a delegate is awarded. An additional Point card is drawn in this case as long as they remain available. The game ends after every player has been moderator once and the final debate is complete. The player with the most Delegates wins.

Includes: Eight 'Event' Cards, Eight 'World' Cards, Eight 'Lore' Cards, Eight 'Trait' Cards, Twenty 'Point' Cards, Two Rule Cards


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Publish Date November 10, 2017
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Why buy this?

  • Moderator Awards Delegates And Each Player Is Moderator Once
  • Recreates The Energy Of Politics Without The Negativity
  • World, Lore, and Event Cards Make Each Debate Different

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  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.


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