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Wintergrim - The Card Game

Advanced strategy game with just cards and dices

Wintergrim - The Card Game

Wintergrim is a turn-based strategic card game made for 2 players.

The first edition includes two theme based card decks of 50 cards each, named: Spirits of Summer & Wolves of Winter. It also includes 8 green d6 dices and rule cards.

The first who arrived from the sea, called it Asheim. They discovered a land with ancient cultures, unpredictable weather and forest-dwelling humans allied with strange creatures and spirits. At first everyone was cautious... Years later, sparked by the death of an asheim jarl in a sudden windstorm, the coast dwelling warriors of Asheim make their revenging assaults over the frozen hills of Wintergrim, east through Stormshade on the spirits of Vanheim, a realm of strangely lush forests in an otherwise wintry mountain area. The time has come to seek control over the mountain dwelling creatures that seem to warm and cool the winds to the will of the spirits.

Short gameplay example: Find new areas and paths, build structures, hire workers, warriors and leaders, and use tactics and weather to your advantage. Manage economics and food supply, and capture enemy units while you defeat your opponent to gain access to more dangerous units and/or other benefits like mixing your used cards into your deck. Your units can move in/out of structures, between your own areas, or to/from enemy areas by first moving to a Path. Dices contributes with the unpredictability of how long weather stays in play, how your units attack/defend in close/ranged combat, and they are used to keep track of damage to units/structures.





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Publish Date October 06, 2018
Edition First
Department Board Games
Genre Fantasy
Setting Alternate Past
Primary Mechanic Strategy
More Info Wintergrim - The Card Game web site

Why buy this?

  • Move units in/out of buildings and to other areas.
  • Base building, resource gathering, weather, food supply
  • Tough decisions and coffee friendly gameplay

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  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.


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