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Worlde of Legends™ Dry-Erase Trackers (Party Pack)

Dry Erase Health, Mána, and Vitality Tracking Cards for Worlde of Legends™ TTRPG


Make keeping track of your vital stats easy with the Worlde of Legends™ TRACKERS Adventurer Pack. These quality, durable, 4" × 8" cards are UV coated and easy dry-erase wipe-off to make them reusable game after game after game.

This Trackers Adventurer Pack Includes:

  • 6× Health Point Tracker Card for all Adventurers with Combat Quick Reference on back
  • 2× Mána Point Tracker Card for Majik Weaver Adventurers with Spell Casting and Enchantment Invoking on the back
  • 2× Vitality Point Tracker Card for Bard Adventurers with Dice Mechanics and Money on back

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Are you a GameMaster? Check out the Worlde of Legends™ TRACKERS PARTY PACK to get TRACKERS cards for the whole gaming group. Find them HERE.

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Publish Date October 23, 2020
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Why buy this?

  • Track Vital Stats
  • Easy Wipe Clean
  • Re-Usable

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  • This game does not come in a box.


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