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Wouldn't it be nice if the conversation could just go on?




In Wretchboard, it can—that is, if you can navigate the board without running into those pesky interruptive characters. But every time you run into one of them, you have to draw a Potential Interruption card, which can either move you forward a few spaces or send you back quite a ways. Just make sure that you can actually move back as many spaces as you have to, because if by then you haven’t moved enough spaces forward, and you have to move more spaces back than you have progressed, you’re done, and not only is the conversation over, but it’s also game over for you.

If you can safely reach the Uninterrupted Conversation Zone, you win the game. It’s time to mind your manners with Wretchboard, where it would be nice to keep the conversation going—without others interrupting.


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Publish Date December 29, 2017
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Why buy this?

  • Progress toward the end to keep the conversation going!
  • Beware of "Potential Interruptions"!
  • Reach the "Uninterrupted Conversation Zone" to win!


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