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Wrinkles: Card Game (Purple Box)

A deck of abstract cards that can be played in different ways, from quick games to mind games.




Ready to make some new wrinkles in your brain?

Wrinkles is a card game that asks you "What does this look like?"

Inside the box is a deck 76 jumbo(3.5inches by 5.5inches) playing cards. Each playing card has a unique image that is abstract and colorful. These are called frakblots, a word that was made by combining Fractal image and Inkblot.

There are several games you can play with a Wrinkles deck.

  1. "Match-Match", you don't have to worry about thinking about the frakblots. This is a quick game of matching the Top-color with the card that the previous player puts down.
  2. "Icebreaker", Choose a card in another player's hand and see if you both see the same thing in a short amount of time.
  3. "Mind Reader", a difficult game of trying to predict what the other players will see in a frakblot.
  4. "Creative Prompts", alone or with other players, create stories or art with what you see in random cards.

Each Wrinkles box set color has 76 unique playing card that can mixed with other Wrinkles box sets.

Have fun with abstract images and colors with friends and family on your own time, all for the price of a Co-Pay.


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Publish Date February 27, 2020
Edition Purple
Department Games
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Why buy this?

  • Colorful abstract art that are a great icebreaker.
  • Pushes creativity & putting yourself in someone else's shoes
  • You can use these cards solo for creative prompts.

Mighterbump's Games

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  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.


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