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Make Your Own Official YMOR Game

YMOR stands for Your Materials. Our Rules. THis is a brand that we (AnSR Games) have been using on some of our games that uses components you already have with our printed rules and boards to make a fun gaming experience.

Now, you can make your own official YMOR branded games by using this license. Just purchase the license and you get: - Permission to use the YMOR logo, branding, and terminology in your own game. - A copy of the YMOR logo (PNG) for you to use in your games. - Tips on making a game in the spirit of YMOR.

So... What is a YMOR Game Anyhow?

A YMOR Game is essentially something that uses stuff people already have in their house (chess pieces, decks of cards, dice, tokens, etc.,) to play a game in a new way. YMOR games give you the rules to play and some printed sheets to help people use the things they already have to have a gaming experience.

Example of a YMOR Game

CH35S is a great example of a YMOR game. It includes rules and army sheets to play a war game using chess pieces you aready have. In addition, there is a deluxe, non-YMOR version offered for people that want the whole game in a box.

Get Your License and Start Building Your Game

If you want to make a YMOR game, feel free to reach out to us. We are happy to chat about some best strategies and tips in making your game as awesome as it can be.

If you already are using the license and have made a YMOR game, let us know about it. We'll add it to the list of YMOR games we know of.



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Publish Date April 26, 2021
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Why buy this?

  • Official Logo Included
  • License for infinite usage included
  • Tips on how to make a YMOR game


  • This game does not come in a box.


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