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Your Life's Chorus: Music-themed conversation cards

Spark a conversation about how music has impacted your life.

Night winding down and out of things to talk about? Spark up a conversation with Your Life's Chorus, music-themed conversation cards based on my music memoir comic Mid-Life Chorus (Mid-Life Chorus, John's music memoir comic [midlifechorus.johnbintz.com]).

Your Life's Chorus is a portable deck of cards you can easily slip into your pocket, purse, glovebox, or any place where you'll meet with friends.

These cards feature 53 questions, each one loosely based on a comic in the series and featuring art from each comic. The questions on the cards go from the basic (What was your first concert?) to the specific (Have you ever had an impromptu jam session?) to the weird (What song brings back a time of extreme fear?)


Poker DeckPoker Deck (1 deck of 54 cards)



Action Shots



Cool Factors

  • Awesome artwork!
  • Learn more about your friends!
  • Better than staring at a TV!


DesignerJohn Bintz
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Publish DateOctober 17, 2014
DepartmentSelf Improvement
If You LikeApples to Apples
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