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A Drinking Game




About Zingg

Zingg is a drinking game for the daring. It will ask the hard questions, and you better hope you are drunk enough to answer! Zingg was made by Noah Eisen, with some inspiration from Wellp, the 4chan Drinking Game, King's Cup, and many many creative friends.

Basic Rules

Everyone starts with three cards. The player who suggested playing Zingg has the first turn. Every turn consists of playing one card. At the end of your turn, draw another card so that you always have three in your hand. The game is over when the deck is exhausted or when everyone is drunk and bored.

Card Types

There are three types of cards in Zingg, and each is played differently. The card types are as follows:

  • Action Cards - these cards are simple. Read the title and description of the card, and then carry out the action. If the card says "selected player," then you select a different player, if not, it means you.
  • Status Cards - play these cards on a certain player. The card remains face up in front of this player until it is removed for some reason. The player who has this card in front of them now carries the status, and must comply with it.
  • Interrupt Cards - these cards may be played at any time, even when it is not your turn. To play one, yell out "interrupt!", then read out what the card does.


If at any point in the game, something cool happens (i.e. someone answers all the hot seat questions, someone does something hilarious), another player may propose a toast to him or her. Everyone drinks.

The Zingg Mantra

This game is built off two main ideas. First, that the fun of the game comes from the players, not the creator. Most cards are dependent on the player coming up with fun content to use. This idea naturally leads into the second idea, which is replay-ability. The player-centric cards are meant to make Zingg a game that you can play over and over again, and it will stay new. Hope you enjoy it!

Zing Variants

Infinite Zingg

Instead of ending the game once the deck is exhausted, you just reshuffle the discard pile, and continue to use that! The game now ends when everyone is too drunk to play, or when the Ubers arrive, or when everyone hates Zingg more than anything.

No Choice Zingg

No one gets a hand. On your turn, simply draw the top card and play it. If the card doesn't make sense to be played at that moment, put it at the bottom of the deck and try again.

Death Zingg

Whenever someone is commanded to drink, they must now take a shot. If they are commanded to chug, they must now take a shot. If they are commanded to take a shot, they must now die.

Not Zingg

Play a drinking game that isn't Zingg like king's cup, cheers to the governor, or pizza box.


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Publish Date February 14, 2019
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Why buy this?

  • Drinking makes you cool
  • Your friends will think you are funny
  • Pregame with Zingg, spend less at bars


  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.
  • This game contains a premium upgrade where the printed components will be embossed with a linen texture.


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