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The Deck is inspired by the symbolic convergences between the Zodiac Path and The Major Arcana




The Zodiac is the path that the planets travel around us, the trajectory that we observe from our point of view on Earth's surface. Astrology studies this path over thousands of years. The Zodiac path has a deep and ancient symbolism that represents our evolutionary cycle.

Tarot is an ancient oracle that has the ability to provoke interesting insights. Tarot Major Arcana cycle also represents an evolutionary journey.

Zodiac Path Tarot Deck is inspired by the symbolic convergences between the Major Arcana and the Zodiac path. Their cycles were aligned by coinciding the beginning and end of each sequance, maintaining the natural order of each one and observing similarities. Zodiac Path Tarot Deck is the result of this project that combined research and art to identify, understand and synthesize these convergences through images.

You can see the cards description and images at

P.S. The version that is on sale in Brazil has four more extra cards (the four elements), totaling 20 extra cards. Thegamecrafter version has only 16 extra cards, the signs and the seasons.


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Publish Date March 12, 2022
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  • Major Arcana and Signs cycles aligned in each natural order
  • The cards form large images
  • Zodiac Signs and Seasons extra cards


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