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Zom-Boy, quick zombie action for when "Bob from Accounts" takes ages over his turn...




Zom-Boy is a tiny strategy game for 2 players. It comes on just one card! Survivors jump over zombies to destroy the horde. Zombies shuffle relentlessly to turn survivors until no-one is left but the undead.


Zom-Boy is a perfect filler game for when you are having game-night with Bob from Accounts and he has taken 30 minutes to re-arrange his pieces on his turn. You can use spare game parts as tokens (or even candy if you have some lying around). Check out the instructions below and download a copy of the print and play!


When you order, you will get 17 copies of the game to share with friends, leave in a game box, pop in your wallet or use as an impromptu decapitation tool when cornered by the living dead (always wear goggles when flicking cards at zombies).

Download the print and play version to try it out!

Check it out on Tabletop Simulator: Steam Workshop::Zom-Boy+


Design and art: Nick Ackroyd

Thanks to Spring Spring from Open Game Art for Gun Girl. She was the inspiration for the little character sprite I am using.

Playtesters: Nick, Alika, Elliot, Neave, Shari, Beth, Sam

How to play (in Portugese! Thanks heaps Joquinhos Hard!)



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Publish Date January 26, 2023
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Why buy this?

  • Art inspired by retro Gameboy chic!
  • Perfect as a filler game between turns on game night!
  • Strategic gameplay rewards the cunning!


  • This game does not come in a box.


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