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Zombie Instructional Design Apocalypse

Fun scenario-based game reinforcing basic instructional design skills and concepts.




Zombie Instructional Design Apocalypse™: The Card Game

Sometimes, a video-game as a training tool is a little too much. Sometimes all you want is a good, old fashion card game. Card games are great for practicing sales skills and fostering conversations among trainees.

Zombie Instructional Design Apocalypse™: The Card Game is a fun, interactive way to use role-plays, creativity and interaction to learn about the instructional design process. This specially designed card game is great way to foster camaraderie and the exchange of knowledge, tips and insights that only seem to be generated in face-to-face interactions. Instructional design concepts are covered, ideas exchanged and fun is had by all as they learn to apply instructional design knowledge to handling situations commonly encountered in the industry.

The game consists of four types of cards. The first set is a series of blue role-play or Scenario Cards which are scenarios or activities that need to be undertaken by the players. There are 25 of those cards in this pack. The second set is a group of Challenge Cards which players use to challenge other players making the opponents add information to their previous answer or requesting them to change a response. It adds a critical thinking element to the game. ​

The third type are Voting Cards which allow players to vote on another player's answer indicating if they think the answer is right or wrong. The final set of cards are the Addition Cards which allow the players to add their own Scenarios Cards and really gets into higher-level thinking skills related to answering questions as the learners create their own scenarios and release them to other players.


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Publish Date March 13, 2018
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Why buy this?

  • Interesting scenarios related to instructional design.
  • Avoid the zombies and collect the scenario cards.
  • Challenge your friends knowledge of instructional design.

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  • This game contains a premium upgrade where the printed components will be embossed with a linen texture.


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