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Zombie Road

A blood spillin', Zombie killin' race to the Oasis!





Battle endless zombie hordes on your journey to Oasis in this quick, 1-4 player cooperative card game! Zombie Road allows you to choose between an awesome group of characters, each with a unique ability, and attempt to accumulate enough miles to escape to a zombie-free zone. Watch out for disasters, stock up at gas stations and keep your guns loaded because zombies could be lurking nearby! Do you and your fellow survivors have what it takes to survive?

Zombie Road, inspired by Mille Bornes, was designed in 2011 as our second game title. It was a modest game with simple art and light game play, but was a hit at game nights and trade shows. We've come a long way since 2011 and felt like Zombie Road needed some attention. We are excited with the redesign, which incorporates more characters, new effects and varied difficulty levels!


Each 108-card deck includes:

(10) Characters (Athlete, Cop, Medic, Scientist, Soldier, Trucker, Samurai, Jett, Gambler, Beach Bum)

(15) Zombies (7 crawlers, 5 walkers, 2 runners, 1 freak)

(10) Disasters (3 broken arms, 3 out of fuel, 2 low rations, 2 out of ammo)

(18) Aids (5 casts, 5 fuel tanks, 4 resupply, 2 medicine, 2 lucky dice)

(17) Weapons (5 baseball bats, 5 crossbows, 3 shotguns, 2 chainsaws, 1 machete, 1 banjo)

(7) Master Cards (Armory, Drug Store, First Aid, Gas Station, Immunity, Machete, Zombie Bite)

(31) Mile Cards (12-5 miles, 8-10 miles, 6-20 miles, 4-25 miles, 1-50 miles)

Linen and UV Coating upgrades included! cTW6WAb.png


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mpQCfBk.png Not quite ready to start slaying zombies? Try Zombie Road for free with a Full Color Minimalist Print & Play or subscribe to Zombie Road on Tabletop Simulator! (reference downloads section below) Cuot61Q.png OZp9keO.png 8xjzAom.png


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Publish Date October 12, 2011
Edition Kickstarter Edition
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Why buy this?

Zombie Road creates a great atmosphere of the road traveled with highway signs, thematic characters, and quick gameplay...if you are growling for a quick co-op card game, it will satisfy that hunger!

  • Two awesome playmodes with a variety of difficulty levels!
  • Ten playable characters!
  • Zombies!

Chris (Rampage Games)

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  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.
  • This game contains a premium upgrade where the printed components will be embossed with a linen texture.


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