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You have one week to build the best habitat in the zoo and win the job, "CEO of Zoophoria".

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Welcome to Zoophoria, a centre for education and science, committed to providing amazing guest experiences and inspiring passion for wildlife. Our Chief Executive Officer is retiring and to ensure we keep our place amongst the best zoos in the world, our board has conducted a global search for his replacement. As one of four final candidates, you are invited to take part in a one week challenge, where you will lead a team in assembling a habitat in the zoo. Do you have what it takes to help our zoo be a leader in wildlife preservation and ensure we continue to provide a rich diversity of nature for future generations?

Zoophoria is a zoo simulation game where players build a balanced habitat that is diverse with wildlife, which is also fiscally and environmentally responsible. Starting with four animals, three employees and two assigned targets, over the course of seven rounds, players use worker placement and card drafting to select animals, employees, buildings and more. Boost attendance with a great wildlife collection and a focus on adding guest services. Leverage the expertise of the administrative team who provide unique advantages. Careful planning is required to maintain the highest standard of care for wildlife while adapting to random resource production and the changing effects of daily events at the zoo.

Over 75 animals from around the world: mammals, reptiles, birds, endangered species and more
Over 60 employees and buildings: Keepers, Medical, Cleaners, Administrative, Guest Services

The goal is to build a balanced habitat using a variety of ways to score points.
Animal Collection: maintain a growing collection with the highest standard of care for wildlife
Guest Engagement: provide excellent guest service that boosts zoo attendance
Financial Stability: be fiscally and environmentally responsible
People: recruit and promote teamwork among staff to achieve goals


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Playing with the Zoo is just a fun theme

  • Zoo animals from around the world!
  • Real photos!
  • Simple, strategic and fun for the whole family!




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Publish Date July 02, 2015
Edition Second
Department Board Games
Theme Animals
Setting Modern / Present
Audience Family
Primary Mechanic Worker Placement
If You Like Lords of Waterdeep
More Info Zoophoria web site


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