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Welcome to The Game Crafter Laboratory, where we can make even your most custom ideas practical.

Whether you are looking for an oversized game, custom packaging, or a bunch of custom game pieces, TGC Laboratory is the right place for you. One of our specialists will work with you to design and build exactly what you need, to your precise specifications.

We need only a few things to get started.

  1. Your contact information
  2. A description of your project, along with any files you may have.
  3. Your down payment of $200.

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We charge $50 per hour for our services at the Laboratory with a minimum cost of $200 (4 hours) to get started. You'll see the hours we're putting toward the project live on your project tracker, as well as the cost of materials added to your project. Your initial $200 fee will be applied toward hours and materials. Please note the actual cost will likely exceed the $200 initial fee. Once materials and labor are added, many projects exceed $1000 in cost.

Want a quote?

Everything we do is billed by time and materials, but if you want a rough estimate or just want to speak with us via e-mail about your project before jumping in, please contact customer service and put "Laboratory Project" in the subject line..

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