Newsletter: UV Coating, Laser Cut Chits, Mix-N-Match Chits, and Zerpang!


Hello community!

We're super excited because this month's newsletter is full of new products and features! There's a lot to cover so let's get right to it. Don't forget that our team members will be at Protospiel MinnesotaPAX South, and NY Toy Fair. We hope to see you there.


UV Coating & Dry Erase  

UV Coating & Dry Erase at The Game Crafter

We’re now offering UV Coating for your game components. This makes your game components more durable and dry erasable! To learn more, watch the video above. 

We couldn’t release dry erasable components without also adding dry erase markers to our inventory. You can now add black, blue, red, and green dry erase markers to a game or purchase them separately in our online parts shop.


Laser Cut Chits

Laser Cut Chits at The Game Crafter

We’re now cutting all of our chits using frickin laser beams! This allows for more accurate cuts, less side-effects, more chit shapes and sizes, and multiple chit types per sheet. Check out the video above to learn more about laser cut chits.


Mix-N-Match Chits 

Mix-N-Match Chits at The Game Crafter

We figured you might want to know a bit more about putting multiple chit-types on a single sheet, so we made the video above about mix-n-match chits to answer your questions. You'll be pleased to know that this new feature makes chits much more affordable and higher quality.


New Chit Types 

Our large circle, hex, and square chits are now called mini tiles. In addition, we’ve renamed our small circle and square chits to medium circle and square chits. In addition to those changes we’re pleased to announce 2 new sizes of each: Large Circle and Large Square which measure 1 inch each. And Small Circle and Small Square which measure 0.5 inches each. 

But just adding more circles and squares isn’t cool enough. We knew we needed to add something totally new as well. We’ve decided to add 3 different sizes of Standees as well!

Custom Printed Standees at The Game Crafter

As you can see this is a massive update to our capabilities. We’re really happy to be able to bring you these new services. In fact, this one announcement covers over 30 different ideas in our ideas system!


Our Next Kickstarter is Zerpang! 

An epic battle for survival between Zombies, Elves, Robots, Pirates, Aliens, Ninjas, and Gunslingers. It's coming to Kickstarter on January 27th and you can see the preview here.

Dash to the goal or defend your territory? Sneak through your enemy’s defenses or use dirty tricks to bend the rules? Anything goes in Zerpang!, a 2-6 player battle royale of pure awesome.

Zerpang! on Kickstarter - by The Game Crafter

Choose to play a band of incorrigible pirates, stealthy ninjas, toxic zombies, abducting aliens, relentless robots, or sharpshooting gunslingers. Boost your abilities by collecting cards from the six zones scattered around the board. Battle to prevent your opponents from reaching their own unique goals, while advancing yours. Then scramble your way to victory in this all-out brawl of domination and deceit!

The Kickstarter campaign begins January 27th and you can see the preview here. With your support, we hope to fund this great game and enjoy all of the custom miniatures!


That's all for now. February and March should be fun too.

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