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Parts Tray

Comes with two vacuum-formed plastic parts - a black tray and a transparent lid. Each compartment is 58mm wide by 34mm tall by 16mm deep - about 31.5 cubic cm (2.28"x1.33"x.63", 1.9 cubic inches). There are four columns and five rows for a total of 20 compartments. Fits inside a Large Retail Box only.


Quantity In Stock15
Weight2.48 oz70 g
Height8.37 in213 mm
Width11 in279 mm
Depth0.87 in22 mm

Bulk Pricing

1-9 $7.3916 ea
10-99 $6.1444 ea
100-999 $4.9155 ea
1000+ $3.6777 ea

Last Price Change: 2020-05-28

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