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Rivet, Black

12X8mm Black Plastic Rivet. Consist of one male and one female component. Great with our custom punchouts to make your own dials, holds 3 pieces of chipboard. Hole size needed: 0.31". The gap between the head and tail of the rivet is 0.19". DISCONTINUED - Use "Screw, Black Plastic" instead at https://www.thegamecrafter.com/parts/screw-black-plastic.

Notice of Discontinuation: This part has been discontinued. This part is still for sale, but only as long as we still have quantity in our inventory. This part may not be added to a game.

Not enough Rivet, Black in stock.


Quantity In Stock-36
Weight0.02 oz
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100-999 $0.1419 ea $0.1419 ea
1000+ $0.0984 ea $0.0984 ea

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