Sand Timer, 180 seconds

Photo of Sand Timer, 180 seconds

Sand timers are a great way to limit turn length. Our timers come in a variety of time limits. All timers come in red and are 3-3/4" tall by 2-1/4" around. The amount of sand in the timers varies based on the length of the timer.


Quantity In Stock43
Weight0.62 oz17.59 g
Height3.8 in96.52 mm
Width0.8 in20.32 mm
Depth0.8 in20.32 mm

Bulk Pricing

1-9 $2.2979 ea
10-99 $2.1705 ea
100-999 $1.6565 ea
1000+ $1.3632 ea

Last Price Change: 2018-01-24

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