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Adventures in Inventory Management

The fun deck builder based on the best part of RPGs: inventory management!




Collect loot! Equip gear! Beat up your friends!


Adventures in Inventory Management is a deckbuilding game where players take turns equipping the best gear and carrying the most valuable goods they can to help them collect (and defend) the most loot.


“I’ll put a Sack on my back and put Beer in my sack. That lets me draw another card, and ooh, it’s a Fanny Pack, so I’ll put that on, and pair that with some Chain Mail, then store a Potato in my pouch, and then I’m gonna attack you with my Pointy Stick.”


Two players take turns, and each turn has four phases.

  1. Market phase: The player adds up all the gold from the cards on their player mat and use it to buy cards from the market to add to their deck. These include weapons, armor, storage, goods, companions, or Loot Points. Each card can have benefits in the short term or long term, so it’s all about deciding what will give you the best advantage overall.
  2. Equip phase: After clearing the previous items from their mat, the player puts down new items from their hand of five cards for the journey ahead.
  3. Attack phase: If the player has a weapon equipped, they can try their luck at attacking the other player and taking some of their gold. But if you lose the fight you have to take a dreaded Pesky Quest Item worth negative Loot Points, so pick your battles!
  4. Cleanup phase: At the end of the turn, older items in the market are discarded and the shelves restocked with the latest and greatest goodies.

Turns continue until either of the market decks are depleted or all the Epic Loot cards are purchased. Players add up the Loot Points in their decks, and whoever has the most wins and gets to gloat at their friend!

Full rule book on our website



Inside the compact box are:

  • 126 cards - illustrated by the talented Dosie
  • 2 player mats - fold to fit neatly in the box, and have a handy quick start guide on the back to refresh your memory on how to set up a new game
  • 1 rule book - 20 pages, full color, with lots of helpful illustrations and an appendix to clarify how certain cards work
  • 10 yellow dice - to track quantities of gold
  • 2 battle dice - to decide the outcome of fights

Plus the box top doubles as a rolling tray! Neat! dice-tray.jpg


If you’d like to have an even fancier experience, we also have optional neoprene player mats and a neoprene market mat. Not required, but undoubtedly fancy!

small-playermats.jpg small-marketmat.jpg

Playing with 3 or 4 players is easy to accomplish by combining a second copy of the game. The rule book gives details, but you basically add half the cards from the second copy for a 3-player game or all the cards for a 4-player game.


We’re eager to hear how you like the game! Drop us an email, visit our website, or talk to us on Twitter at @GameOfInventory!


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Publish Date July 17, 2021
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Why buy this?

  • Over 120 beautifully illustrated cards!
  • Equip powerful and silly items!
  • Beat up your friends and take their money!

Ian Albert and Dan Sapienza

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  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.


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