AFTERSHOCK Expansion Set #1 - Gender Dimensions

Explore the ways in which gender affects humanitarian assistance and disaster relief operations.

Gender Dimensions of Humanitarian Assistance/Disaster Relief is the first expansion set for AFTERSHOCK: A Humanitarian Crisis Game. It requires the (AFTERSHOCK []) base game to be played.

Based on ideas suggested by subject matter experts, this expansion explores the ways in which gender shapes humanitarian needs and disaster response. It introduces new Event Cards, a new Coordination Card, and a "Challenge Phase" in which players face various gender-related needs and opportunities. These include:

•How will you respond to the challenge of sexual and gender-based violence?
•Are your staff prepared to navigate local cultural norms?
•Can you effectively partner with local women's organizations?
•Will you invest in gender-sensitive needs assessment and aid distribution, augment health initiatives to address reproductive health, assure that emergency water and sanitation projects are safe and accessible for women and girls? Or are there more pressing priorities?
•How will you decide among competing priorities when need is high, time is urgent, and resources are scarce?

This expansion is fully compatible with any future AFTERSHOCK expansions.

The Gender Dimensions of Humanitarian Assistance/Disaster Relief expansion has been produced by PAXsims with financial support from the National Defense University Foundation.


Jumbo DeckJumbo Deck (1 deck of 6 cards)
Tarot DeckTarot Deck (1 deck of 10 cards)
NOTE: This game does not come with packaging.



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Cool Factors

  • gender-sensitive humanitarian assistance
  • inter-agency cooperation
  • save the people of earthquake afflicted-Carana!


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Publish DateAugust 09, 2016
DepartmentBoard Games
SettingModern / Present
AudienceStudents / Teachers
Primary MechanicCo-operation
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