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Build Orgasms for yourself or a friend in this fun and fast card game of maths & masturbation.




This game is an entrant in the Solo-Duo Chalenge

18+ This game has Adult Themes, swearing and images of nudity.

Use the magic of mathematics, and a collection of arousing items from your Toy Box, to build Orgasms for yourself, or for a friend.

Climax! Uses two decks of Cards to help you reach the ultimate goal of 9 Orgasms in a row before all of your Arousal (and Annoyance) is gone.

Climax! Cards show you the total Arousal Points required to Finish each Orgasm you attempt.

Arousal and Annoyance (A&A) Cards provide you with the Arousal Points you need to mathematically build your orgasm.

The 9 Unique Annoyance Cards depict common road blocks to a successful ‘flicking of the bean’ including Text Messages, Package Deliveries, Pets, Cramps and an Unstable Internet. Annoyance cards can either be a major or minor road block, as they subtract from, or completely decimate, your Climax! Card's running total.

The 36 Arousal Cards illustrate, in nostalgic 60s styling, various items in your Toy Box you can use to ‘bob the bishop’ to completion, such as Erotic Fiction, an Old Sock, a Dildo, Fantasies, Lubrication, and reliable Hands & Fingers.

Each player keeps their A&A Cards (valued from -3 to 9) in 3 'Toy Boxes'. They will take turns drawing and placing A&A Cards onto Orgasm Builds, or moving Cards from one Build to another. Each Build has a Climax! Card indicating the exact total that must be reached for a player to Finish an Orgasm.

Climax! can be played by one or two players.

The Rules are the same for each with only a slight difference in set up and scoring.

In Solo Play, you’re playing for yourself. Whilst it is possible to achieve all 9 Orgasms, you won't always get there, and that's ok - sometimes it’s all about the journey. Masturbation is not a competition.

In a two-person game, or Mutual Masturbation, you play to give Orgasms to your opponent. You have two scoring options in Mutual Masturbation:

Quantity: the number of Orgasms given, or

Quality: the total Points Value of Orgasms (Climax! Cards) given.

So yes, sometimes masturbation is a competition, and the person who finishes with the lowest score wins … so in the end, you both win.

Punching the munchkin has never been so fun, and there's math! It's mathturbation - yes, you're welcome!


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Publish Date February 28, 2021
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Why buy this?

  • Solo & Duo Play Options with a Twist.
  • Retro-inspired illustrations for over 40's nostalgia.
  • Easy math for a hard time.

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  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.


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