Deathmatch: Elf Archer Deck™

Elf Archer Deck (No Accessories Included)

Heroes of Karth: Deathmatch™ is a fantasy deck-building card game based on the creator's Heroes of Karth™ book series (available on Amazon). The Elf Archer Deck™ comes with a complete archer deck, a set of terrain cards, and a green bag (enough to play against a friend). This deck requires one other deck in order to play the 1v1 game (sold separately). There are also multiplayer options for up to 4 players!

Players try and outwit their opponent’s strategy in a tabletop game where the cards are the game pieces and players use gold to spawn additional cards into the dungeon. Out-maneuver your opponent while managing your gold and collecting kill points.

Manage your resources so you have enough gold to afford to hire units, mercenaries and heroes. Utilize a wide range of strategies including spells, pets, magic items, traps, stealth units, and the undead curse. Through mixing the use of your card deck and a playing "field", placement of your cards can determine your success. Choose wisely!

Don't like pencil and paper? Use our free app or buy a bag of gold and dice to track gold, SE (mana) and kill points. Our app is currently available for both Android and iOS. To play a game you need at least two decks and 14 red dice to track damage on cards on the Battlefield. If you need red dice, they are sold separately in other game pack options.

Watch for our Kickstarter this August 2017 where we will unveil our plans for many more different decks and exciting new expansions including the Dwarf and Orc factions!

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Poker DeckPoker Deck (1 deck of 45 cards)
Square DeckSquare Deck (1 deck of 16 cards)
NOTE: This game does not come with packaging.



Action Shots



Cool Factors

  • Archer Rangers, Ranger Captains and Scouts!!
  • Use the volley spell to rain arrows on the enemy!
  • Powerful ranger heroes


DesignerHeroes of Karth Inc.
Average Rating (0)
Publish DateJune 30, 2017
DepartmentCard Games
AudienceHardcore Gamer
Primary MechanicDeck Building
If You LikeMagic: The Gathering
More InfoDeathmatch: Elf Archer Deck™ web site

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