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Grim Lands Adventure

54 dark fantasy picture cards with blank flip sides, for any purposes +a box with instructions on it




“Terrible things happening in the most distant borderlands,” says the emperor. “Odd monsters occur there, we’ve lost outposts under unknown circumstances, and dark sects seem to gather. In short, we know nothing for sure, but people desperately call for help. So I send you, my best scout! Do not interfere, just write the most thorough report. Power will be used then.”

Will you adopt this story and delve into scouting, followed by adventuring? - The pack consists of 54 poker cards with dark fantasy encounter/location artworks and blank flip sides on which you can write, setting stats of the creatures and events, in one phase, followed by the second phase, when you try to beat the danger you created (i.e. “scouted” from the story's perspective). You get useful instructions on the hook box of the game...

...Or will you rather use these 54 grimdark pictures for any other purposes of yours?

You can do both in the end! – Only one thing needed: a bit of experience with RPG or Gamebook playing, and maybe having some TTRPG books ready. Mork Borg is recommended, but you can go with any dark fantasy system!

Eventually, you can just take this thing as a card-form artbook of the artist known as Droned Artworks who contributed to a row of third-party Mork Borg supplements and makes album cover art mostly for Doom Metal and Dungeon Synth bands.


A few tips:

  • The pack includes one fully blank card so you could test your pen on it before you dare to write on the “real” cards. I use an ordinary black ballpoint. It needs just a bit more effort than writing on normal paper, but this effort may also result in nicer, more careful handwriting, and an eventual need to repeat/correct a line here and there may bring a "decorative effect", especially if it is a first letter of the row. Anyway, definitely try on this card what writing tools work for you.

  • If you do not want to write on cards directly at all (or only after you are completely sure what to write on each card), you can sleeve the cards and add a sheet of poker-sized paper to each flip side; or you can even use blank cards instead of the sheets.

  • As a game master, you can use the cards when preparing a scenario for your players, both as an inspirational source, random encounter/event generator, or anything you can think of.

  • If you are by chance a fan of the DOOM PILGRIM board game you can now build your own mutation of DOOM PILGRIM for you or your friends - you get the pictures here and now you can try to add story/game effects to each picture as it was done when DOOM PILGRIM was being created. In fact, the Grim Lands Adventure idea came when I saw how keen people were to house-rule DOOM PILGRIM.



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Publish Date July 03, 2023
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Why buy this?

  • A world-building/bestiary/GM tool for any dark fantasy RPG
  • Includes instructions on how to prepare a solo game from it
  • Be your own game master or enhance your TTRPGing


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