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High Seas: The Card Game

Assemble an armada to rule the Caribbean!




Many countries are fighting for rule of the Caribbean. Your king has equipped you with a flagship to take control of the High Seas. In a race against the other players to explore and fortify the Caribbean, the one who can assemble the largest armada will secure ultimate control.

This is a card game that is easy to learn, quick to play, and each game is different with 84 unique crew and ports, plus a variety of resources and ships.

Throughout the game, you will search for and collect resources, maps, ship plans, and crew references. You will use these to visit exotic ports, construct forts for permanent bonuses, expand your fleet with various ships, and recruit a powerful crew.

The first one to survive the battles and build the largest armada wins!

For questions, comments, and more information, please visit our facebook page at the link above ("more info").

High Seas: The Card Game contains the following components:

Resources Deck: (51 resources) 15 Stone - for constructing forts 12 Wood - for building ships 10 Food - for supplying crew 8 Gold - for spending 6 Iron - for attacking

Ports Deck:
42 Unique Ports / Forts

Objects Deck: (52 objects) 4 Rowboats – to hold crew 8 Sloops - for exploring 4 Warships - for attacking 4 Galleons - for trade 4 Fleets - for victory 28 Sails - for sailing

Crew Deck: 42 Unique Crew Members

Starting Player Cards: 5 Home Ports 5 Flagships 1 Turn Summary (Player Guide)

Includes option for a shorter or longer game.

Insructions revised 1/19/13 to clarify rules. Contents revised 1/11/14 to include Turn Summary card

An Encyclopedia explaining each card in detail is available as a free download on this web page. In general, the text of the cards is either explained in the rules or self-evident, but this can be used to resolve disagreements about how to interpret a card or scenarios when card modifiers begin to stack (what happens if I have card 'X', but I also have card 'Y', etc.)

Video: This is a introductory overview of the game.
While this video does not cover more complex interactions such as deck manipulation, attacking/defending, advanced actions, or stealing, it will give you an understanding of the basic mechanics of High Seas including setup, victory, and the primary action types.

Also available: High Seas: Sixth Player Expansion - expands High Seas: The Card Game with all new ships, crew, and ports. - allows you to play a six player game High Seas: Sixth Player Expansion

High Seas: Captain's Quest Expansion - expands High Seas: The Card Game with unique starting captains. - new types of objects and cards High Seas: Captain's Quest Expansion


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Publish Date July 18, 2012
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Why buy this?

  • Over 95 different cards make every game unique.
  • Explore, Trade, Fortify, Recruit, and Fight.
  • Quick to set up and easy to pack away.


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