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Infinite Space Explorers X-1

The Universe is Expanding

X-1 is a 21 card expansion set for Infinite Space Explorers that includes:

  • a new player starship: the first-striking Muktian frigate
  • fighter "Aces" that can combine to protect other ships in combat
  • head-poppin' bug ships from Weird Worlds
  • an all-powerful Yellow Kawangi destroyer!
  • a superweapon: the Boson Field Coagulator
  • a toy robot (not for kids)
  • lookout frogs (no one will suspect them)
  • the notorious Arch Fenster (??!!)
  • and more!

X-1 and Infinite Space Explorers are based on the award winning indie computer games, Strange Adventures in Infinite Space and Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space and features the same oddball aliens, peculiar artifacts, exotic starships and artwork by Bill "Phosphorous" Sears.

PLEASE NOTE: X-1 is an add-on set for Infinite Space Explorers -- not a standalone game.

Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space

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Digital Eel

Indie before indie was indie!


Poker DeckPoker Deck (1 deck of 19 cards)
Poker DeckPoker Deck (1 deck of 2 cards)
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Action Shots



Cool Factors

  • New ships!
  • More cards for more variety and stranger adventures!
  • Features art by Iikka Keränen & Bill "Phosphorous" Sears!


DesignerDigital Eel
Average Rating (1)
Publish DateAugust 27, 2012
DepartmentBoard Games
More InfoInfinite Space Explorers X-1 web site

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