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Infinite Space Explorers

The Stars Are Your Destination

Infinite Space Explorers is a game of exploration and discoveries. Fleets are moved from system to system on a star map. New events occur, and new items and allies are found, along the way. Conflict between competitive aliens is likely, and combat between starship fleets is almost certain. All such interaction is handled by brisk card play.

ISE is designed to set up and play easily and quickly, yet provide the essence of a star spanning galactic adventure. Discoveries are randomized so each game is different.

Infinite Space Explorers includes:

  • 4 Flagships
  • 12 Starships
  • 7 Ship Systems
  • 12 Weapons
  • 11 Artifacts

ISE is based on the award winning indie computer games, Strange Adventures in Infinite Space and Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space and features the same oddball aliens, peculiar artifacts, exotic starships and artwork by Bill "Phosphorous" Sears.

Please note that because of the particular board configuration used, ISE is played as either a two player game or as a four player game. Rules for solo and three player games are not included.

UPDATE: Infinite Space Explorers X-1 -- the first card expansion for Infinite Space Explorers -- has been released. Click the link to go to the X-1 page for all of the interstellar details.

Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space

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Infinite Space III: Sea of Stars

Digital Eel

Indie before indie was indie!




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Cool Factors

  • Set in Digital Eel's award-winning Infinite Space universe!
  • Easy to learn and fast to play!
  • Features art by Iikka Keränen & Bill "Phosphorous" Sears!


DesignerDigital Eel
Average Rating (5)
Publish DateMay 21, 2012
DepartmentBoard Games
AudienceCasual Gamer
More InfoInfinite Space Explorers web site

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