“[The Payouts chart] determines which restaurants people go to ... and that is a really cool design feature... As a design feature I really actually like it.”


Discover what it's like to run a restaurant! See if you have what it takes to outdo the competition!

As the sun spreads its last rays over the Pacific and prepares to disappear for another night, people leave the sandy beaches, the scenic mountains, their swanky offices, in search of what? Dinner, of course! And you are eagerly awaiting the chance to serve them at your restaurant! But will they come? Do you have what it takes to attract the most and best clientele to dine at your establishment? If they do, you can invest the profits to open another place or spruce up the one you have and attract even more business. If they don’t, you will need to scramble and come up with a new plan to catch up with your competitors. It’s a dog-eat-dog world in the eatery business.

In this game

  • Choose a Building in one of six different types of Neighborhoods to site your eatery.
  • Decide on one of eight types of Cuisine.
  • Set your Prices.
  • Hire Kitchen Staff to improve your food quality.
  • Hire Wait Staff to improve your service level.
  • Renovate your space to improve your Ambiance.
  • Advertise so that people know about you.

Do these in any order you like, but do them better than everyone else, and quickly! Before you know it the first customers will be rolling in!

A financial game in which players start with a small stake that they use to build up their restaurant and then with profits decide how much to invest further, either in improvements to counter what the opposition are doing or in creating a second restaurant.

Features many details of the restaurant business including

  • differing neighborhoods
  • cuisine types
  • wide variety of employees
  • many architectural improvements

Customer visits are determined by a new gaming mechanism called the Payouts Chart, in which players roll 15 dice and place them in a unique way to determine which restaurants the fickle public taste adores.

At the end of the year though, it's the planner who has the most money who wins.

Video Introduction, Review and Playthrough below.

In the box

  • 40 Player sheets (double-sided; download more below)
  • 24 cubes in 6 player colors
  • 15 dice
  • 6 white and 3 black cubes
  • 1 board
  • 1 Payouts chart

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Part 1 of playthrough:

Part 2 of playthrough:


Published April 11, 2017.




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Cool Factors

  • Feels like you're really running your own restaurant!
  • Unique customer resolution system
  • Simultaneous. tense planning and outguessing


DesignerUp & Away Games
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Publish DateApril 11, 2017
DepartmentBoard Games
SettingModern / Present
AudienceCasual Gamer
Primary MechanicMoney Management
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