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A collaborative or competitive dungeon crawl for up to 4 "Labyrinthians" set in an ancient Scotland




Adventure alone, together or as enemies through the endless Labyrinth beneath the Highlands of ancient Alhba (Scotland). This adventure will have you battling ancient Kings for magical weapons, facing down hordes of undead souls and beasts, haggling with the Hag o' the Winter for your very life, using the Labyrinth's everchanging passageways for your own advantage, whispering mystic incantations in old Gaelic, standing on the edge of the Eternal Chasm on the brink of being subsumed by Evil itself... If you love the moody storytelling aspect of classic fantasy, and easy rules that make for fast-flowing action thick with atmosphere, you will adore this game. Characters do not die but are subsumed into the enemy and thus become living dead intent on destroying their once-comrades. This game is best played with two to four "Labyrinthians"...on an old wooden table under candle light, with a tankard of Scottish ale or mead. This new edition includes a handsome box as well as new bosses and a new and improved scoring system. For those on a budget, there is also a cards-only "beggar's edition", for which you provide your own dice, character tokens and rune charms. Labyrinthians_Beggars_Edition

I really hope you love this game.

And here's the music theme I composed for the game too. (

Solo Labyrinthians...

For solo Labyrinthians the game is most fun with at least two characters to come to your aid in times of high peril, attain their personal quest goals, or even vie against in a moment of merciless betrayal or greed.

For those who want a longer game or want to enjoy Labyrinthians as a multi-session campaign, there are expansions too. There are three extra levels to the Labyrinth: the sewers, the earthen and magma levels. And there are three prequel wilderness levels too: The Woodland Way, the Bogs of Moorh and the snowy path to The Secret Tree, the entrance to the Labyrinth.

Labyrinthians Expansion 1 - The Sewers

Labyrinthians Expansion 2 - Earthen Level

Labyrinthians - Expansion 3 - Magma

Labyrinthians Prequel Expansion 1 - The Woodland Way

Labyrinthians Prequel Expansion 2 - The Bogs of Moorh

Labyrinthians Prequel Expansion 3 - A Way to the Secret Tree

The Great Unboxing!

Here is a short set up guide video:

And here is a 25-minute play-through video:











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Publish Date November 21, 2022
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Why buy this?

  • Adventure beneath the Highlands! Banish Evil from the world!
  • Haggle for your life with the Hag o' the Winter - in Gaelic!
  • Annihilate the Evil One or... become their Undead slave!


  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.


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