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Lumin Wars: Eight Player Deck Expansion

A useful expansion to the game Lumin Wars, allowing up to 8 players!




Hey! Lumin Wars is currently being updated! This is a huge change and the last major overhaul of the game. The old and new versions will not be compatable. So it's probably not worth buying the game right now! But check back around September of 2023, and everything should be updated. The current game looks different than the art displayed here.

The 5-8 Player Expansion Deck builds off the Lumin Wars Card Game, found here: Link to Original Game.

If you wish to buy Lumin Wars, view the link above. This is an Expansion or Add-on for the base game and can only be played if you already own the base game.

This epic deck adds 64 Action Cards to your arsenal of fun! With an extra set of Action Cards, this deck will allow you to play Lumin Wars with up to 8 people!

Gameplay is not changed from the normal game, outside of mixing in the Action Cards.


1 instruction page

12 Extra Recourse Clip Sliders

64 Extra Action Cards (same set as main game):

  • 32 Main Action Cards
  • 32 Special Action Cards


  • Epic gameplay for 5-8 players.
  • Box compatibility - This deck will fit in the pre-existing Lumin Wars box.
  • The coolest card game art in CyberSpace.
  • The ability to mix and match desired Action Cards in smaller games of 4 or less players.
  • Each card is marked with an icon in the bottom left corner for easy sorting.


This expansion will be compatible with other Lumin Wars Expansions.

This product DOES increase the number of players the game can support.

This product IS compatible with the CyberSpace Expansion Deck.

This product IS compatible the Internaut Expansion.


This deck contains the same set of cards as the main game.


Rule Sheet:


Story Page

The expansion of life never ends. Fortunately, neither does the expansion of the universe. As the secrets of cyberspace are slowly discovered, more and more people try to profit from them. Now it seems you can’t finish one good job here without seven people trying to rob you.

Your ship has survived worse, however. Even if you came here intending to steal from them, you’ll still give a fair duel. Ever on the brink of endless wealth, you prepare your defenses for a large-scale battle. Three ships worth of Lumins is a year’s living. The wealth of seven bounties could be a small fortune. Time for a Lumin War.


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Publish Date January 04, 2021
Edition 1.0
Department Games
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More Info Lumin Wars: Eight Player Deck Expansion web site

Why buy this?

  • Lets you play with more friends!
  • Allows for the customization of smaller games!
  • Fits in the same box you already own!


  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.
  • This game does not come in a box.


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