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Lumin Wars

An intergalactic stand-off card game about predicting your opponents' next move!




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Lumin Wars Tutorial Video:

Lumin Wars is a self-paced strategy card game. Be the last ship standing in this intergalactic standoff!

Players continue to participate in rounds of battle until there is one ship left. Each round every player will pick and reveal one card from their hand at the same time, in an attempt to attack other players, defend their ship, and manage their basic resources.

Game flow is simple and easy to learn. Recommended age is 12 and up. With quick setup, and short games, Lumin Wars is a great family party competition.

Game Flow

  • Each player picks their ship.
  • Each player sets up their starting hand and resources as specified on their ship card.
  • Play in rounds untill a winner is found! Each player picks a card from their hand. All cards are revealed on the count of 3. Players look at any card played on them, or they played on another person and ensure all the correct actions are completed.
  • Any player with no health is out of the game. If there is no winner, start the next round.


  • 74 Action Cards
  • 16 Role Cards
  • 12 Resource Clips
  • 1 Game Box
  • 1 Game Manual - download


The 5-8 Player Expansion (Second Action Card Deck)

Future expansions will fit in your box.


Full Contents: Exported-Full-Box.jpg

Action Cards: 20231023_125721.png

Ship Cards and Sliders: Export-Ship-Cards.png

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Manual PDF


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Publish Date December 22, 2020
Edition 1.5.3
Department Games
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Why buy this?

  • Lumin Wars is easy to learn, and impossible to master.
  • Short play time makes Lumin Wars a great party game!
  • A beautiful deck with simple and unique gameplay!


  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.


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