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Lumin Wars

A high stakes strategy stand-off card game all about predicting your opponents' next move




Hey! Lumin Wars is currently being updated! This is a huge change and the last major overhaul of the game. The old and new versions will not be compatable. So it's probably not worth buying the game right now! But check back around September of 2023, and everything should be updated. The current game looks different than the art displayed here.





Lumin Wars is a self-paced strategy card game. Be the last ship standing in this intergalactic standoff!

In this epic battle for glory, all players continue to participate in rounds of battle until there is one ship left. Each round every player will pick and reveal one card from their hand at the same time, in an attempt to attack other players, defend their ship, and manage their basic resources.

Game flow is simple and easy to learn. Recommended age is 12 and up. With quick setup, and short games, Lumin Wars is a great family party competition.

Game Flow

  • Each player picks their ship.
  • Each player sets up their starting hand and resources as specified on their ship card.
  • The first round begins. Each player picks a card from their hand to play and holds it out, back facing players, signifying they are ready. When each player is ready, all cards are revealed on the count of 3.
  • Players look at any card played on them, or they played on another person and ensure all the correct actions are completed.
  • Any player with no health is out of the game.
  • If there is no winner, players restock their hand, and start the next round.


  • 74 Action Cards
  • 16 Role Cards
  • 12 Resource Clips
  • 1 Game Box
  • 1 Game Manual - also publicly available Here.


  • Epic gameplay for 2-4 players.
  • Box expandability - Each Game Box will be large enough to house expansions.
  • The coolest card game art in CyberSpace.


There are currently three Expansions available for this game.

More are in the works.




All Action Cards:


Main Actions, Ships, and the Manual:


Box overview:


Box top:


Box bottom:


Story Page

As humanity finished exploring Earth and an era approached its end, brilliant people found a way to enter a new realm. A realm of possibility and endlessness. Soon everyone took to this new realm and war broke out. As with any new frontier, this expanse was fought over, exploited, and misused. Crime lords, bounty hunters, kings, tyrants, governments, opportunists, profiteers, and you; all fighting over a new currency: LUMINS. The purest form of energy. An infinitely stable resource with an infinite amount of uses.

With your precious cargo of Lumins in tow, your ship enters optical cyber-speed. But what is this? Other crafts are pinging into your location! In a flash, you find yourself in the middle of an intergalactic stand-off! You are surrounded by others like you, who each want all the Lumins for themselves! You quickly use your Lumins to upgrade your ship defenses and prepare for battle. With so much at stake, and the possibility of doubling your wealth, you buckle up for an all out war. A Lumin War. Last ship flying takes it all.

Change Log

Your game version is printed on the cover page of the Rule Book, and on the inside of your Game Box.

  • 1.4.1 - Dec 23 2020 - First release of Lumin Wars on The Game Crafter.
  • 1.4.2 - Jan 19 2021 - Clarified Rule Book, added arrows around Ship starting stats for color impaired, changed blue charge sliders to yellow, added public downloadable PDF of Rule Book Here.
  • 1.4.2 (b) - July 16 2021 - Uploaded instructional video, updated rule book.
  • 1.5.2 - April 15 2023 - Overhaul #5. Removed 'Card Value' mechanic. Simplified rules. Removed icons in the art. Added '+1 Card' instructions. Updated Logo. Fix Action Cards, removing, tweaking, or making new Actions. Updated Expansions to 1.5.2. Made Ship Cards easier to read. Added support for deck customization. Removed old instructional video.

Replacement Parts

I was asked if there are any extra clips or cards included in case anything breaks or becomes lost. I am afraid I opted out of spare parts to keep price as low as possible. But for your convenience, here is the link to replacement stuffs:

Clip Store

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Publish Date December 22, 2020
Edition 1.5.2
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Why buy this?

  • Lumin Wars is easy to learn, and impossible to master.
  • Short play time makes Lumin Wars a great tie-breaking game!
  • Filled to the brim with epic artwork and oozing character.


  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.


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