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Build. Expand. Destroy. Secure. Modular, zone control war game with resource management!




They finally did it and we survived it: the greatest nuclear war. In the ruin of humanity, our tools of destruction lie in wait for their next master. As survivors flock to your settlement, they turn their hearts to you to create a future secure from savages. Choose your allies carefully and hold your plans close. Maintain dialogue between the leaders, trade resources, plan coordinated attacks, and promise aid or revenge. It has become clear that only you and your newly formed Security Council can secure this world by suppressing your opponents' ambitions.

Kickstarted Because of Great People

Security Council successfully funded on Kickstarter in December 2015. A lot of pictures and videos feature the late beta artwork and materials, namely an abstract art design and card-like tiles. The latest version for sale here is 1.0 which includes lore-friendly artwork and chipboard game tiles.

A Game for the Nuclear Family

Traditional war games scare away casual gamers. Instead, Security Council presents a diplomacy mechanic that is engaging enough for veteran players & approachable unit mechanics for casuals. Security Council is modular, scalable, quick to setup, intuitive mechanics, self explanatory cards and graphics, and it breeds discussion and post game memories!

Diplomacy Mechanics

Discuss diplomacy during every turn, trading resources and diplomatic power cards. Call votes to use diplomatic powers that can cease war after a strategic deal or to trap your enemies with a bomb overhead. Flood the field with a surplus of arms and weaken others by embargoing their collected resources.

Unit and Nuclear Mechanics

Capture territory using cubes representing units. Create more units by building factories. Build factories by collecting oil. Fire at enemies with die rolls. Combat is quick with a die, one roll determining how many units your enemy loses and then roll again to determine how many you lose. Fire nuclear missiles anywhere on the board but be wary because they destroy the target tile and every adjacent tile!

LOCAL NEWSPAPER The most dangerous game – The Ferris State Torch

“For some reason, from the very first trial we ever did of general rules, it was instantly like everyone was very interested,” Chou said. “That’s when I knew I should invest more time in this one as opposed to any other game I’ve ever done… There was something magical about it.”


"The creators of Security Council focused on making a war game that even the most casual players can pick up and play and to that effect it is successful. The game gives players a casual experience in the realm of war games and territory control without the burden of a lot of decisions and rules. Oh and nuking your friends is a LOT of fun."

INDIETABLETOP Security Council | Indietabletop

"Fans of risk will enjoy the experience with Security Council as it promises strategy, balance, and total annihilation... I do have to commend Daniel Chou on developing a tactical modular board game. It has balanced mechanics and flows from beginning to end with no hiccups."

JUST GOT PLAYED Just Got Played Episode 33: Security Council

"The very idea that you can launch a nuclear weapon from the far side of the board over to the other side to be able to wipe out seven hexes full of troops, I really love that idea!"

FAILROAD EXPRESS Kickstarter Preview: Security Council

"I liked that there is the diplomacy aspect but it's still competitive in nature. There's only one winner but like you can set up the board dynamically, it changes every time."

NOTE: Color of cubes and likeness may vary from promotional materials.


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Publish Date March 31, 2014
Edition 2.0
Department Games
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Why buy this?

Play a casual experience in the realm of war games and territory control without the burden of a lot of decisions and rules. Oh and nuking your friends is a LOT of fun.

  • Modular board, infinite possibilities
  • Nuclear destruction in a board game
  • Balanced to create allies and enemies naturally


  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.
  • This game contains laser cut components. Laser cut items will have a slight amount of soot around the edges, which can easily be wiped off; and will have a campfire smell for about a week after you open them.


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