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Success Factors is a new game designed to have fun investing, financial literacy, life-planning, and philanthropy. To win, players must build wealth, invest in themselves, and community. The game is designed for 2-6 players that will earn money as their token travels through the board, with the overall goal being to have the most philanthropic investments and wealth at the end of the game.

Contents: Game Board, Dice, and Tokens Player Score Card Career & Budget Cards Questions Cards Curve Ball Cards Business Investment Cards Community Impact Cards

There are lots of life-lessons to talk about: getting an education, exploring different careers, using good money management skills, and making healthy life-decisions. We also all know that things will happen along the way - both challenges and opportunities.

We've included a good representation of occupations and included realistic base salaries for players using the Bureau of Labor Statistics entry-level wages. We took that a step further and every occupation has realistic budget based on what they can afford. In this game, players will draw cards that range from answering simple questions about their goals next year to life situations that impact their finances. This game is both strategic and the luck of the draw. We've added in a number of conversation starters and some questions around dreams, goals, and life-lessons that help people connect. Essentially this is about discussing and practicing life skills.

Success Factors Teaches: Small Business Economics Financial Literacy (i.e. Credit, Budgeting, Planning) Philanthropy & Goodwill Goal Setting & Career Planning Considering Risk and Unexpected Challenges






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Publish Date December 30, 2020
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Build Wealth and Make an Impact

  • Explore investing, financial literacy, and life-planning
  • Learn about careers and philanthropy
  • Discuss life-lessons and goals

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  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.
  • This game contains a premium upgrade where the printed components will be embossed with a linen texture.


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