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TGC Community Anthology

The largest collection of games by multiple TGC designers ever assembled.





The Game Crafter Community Anthology Volume One is the very first collection of games designed by members of The Game Crafter’s vibrant community for the TGC Community Anthology Competition.

With 78 games from Abducted to Zombomination, there’s something for everyone. Just turn the page to fight zombies, clean up the beach, battle aliens, run your own pizza place, become the most popular kid in school, play some beach vollyball, and so much more!

Each game takes up only two pages, which lay flat for easy play. All the pieces you need are included along with a handy cloth bag for storage.

Pick and choose or play through them all to find your favorites! With play times ranging from under five minutes up to an hour, you’re sure to find something to play with family, friends, or even solo. You may never be bored again!

Thanks to the generosity of the game designers, The Community Anthology is being offered at production cost. That means no mark up, no profit sharing - just 162 pages of fun for as little money as possible. It’s only 60 cents per game!

Check out the complete list of games below:


Contest Winner: Zombomination

In Zombomination, every game is a desperate fight for survival. Zombies swarm the city, hungry for flesh and brains, while Humans scavenge for scraps. Is this really living? Will the Humans just settle in their Safehouse to live one day at a time? Or will they risk it all to destroy the Laboratory and end the Zombie infestation? Will the Zombies end the Human race?

Every time we got this game out around family and friends a crowd would form. The rapid play meant that lots of people jumped in and had their hand at the game. It is one of our favorite real time games and really fits the feel of running from the Zombies. The panic is real and feels so thematic. - Contest Judge Patrick McNeil, McMeeple Games


Second Place: Mine Your Own Business

When in the business of gem mining, one must find, forge and polish their gems into their most valuable form. However, it doesn’t end with the dirt of the mines, or the cutting room floor - business is cutthroat and those that wish to survive must learn to evaluate trends and even manipulate the market to their own advantage.

One of the most amazing thing about this game is the clever ways the systems interconnect. The way you can manipulate mines, items in the market, value of gems at the end of the game, priority of colors and so on is just fantastic. As a more sophistiated gamer I really enjoyed this one. The theme and the art were really spot on and made the game very appealing. Finally, we loved the shift that happens where players go from building their golem engine to creating and polishing gems. This really let players set the tempo of the game and was really amazing to see in such a small package. - Contest Judge Patrick McNeil, McMeeple Games


Third Place: Pizza Pronto

At Pizza Pronto, we work together to craft the finest - and only - pizza slices in town for our loyal customers. Roll a pair of dice for each customer to see what they want and when they want it. Roll one die for each type of ingredient - pepperoni, pineapple, onion, and anchovy - to see how much you can put on the pizza. When a customer arrives for pick up, they get their slice, no matter how it looks. If it matches their order, the customer is happy, and we get paid! If it's missing an ingredient or has any wrong ingredients on there, they're not so happy, and we don't get any money! It's tough, but it's the Pronto family way...

The design of this game is beautiful, and the various systems within the game are very effectivly used. The theme really leaps out of this game and the mechanics strongly reinforce it. We kept joking that we were careless teens in the kitchen slapping together pizzas (hence all the mistakes). The combination of chaos you could control and chaos you could mitigate made the game a great success. It actually worked really well as a solo game. - Contest Judge Patrick McNeil, McMeeple Games

Plus 75 more games:

  • Abducted - Can you outsmart the aliens who abducted you and escape?
  • Alien Atrocity - A dice drafting social deduction game
  • Astrothello - Use the signs
  • Attack on Station Centauri - A cooperative board game: Roll dice, work together, destroy alien ships, protect the space station.
  • Avoidance - An abstract puzzle game where your shoving your opponents
  • Black Hole Fun - Strategic, Worker Placement, Area Control, Space Warfare
  • Block Like an Egyptian - Manipulate and Navigate the Egyptian Labyrinth
  • Bugwood - Use your dice and action pieces to collect the best bugs and flowers!
  • Buyer's Bay - A disc-flicking area control game about catching lobsters and selling to an ever-changing market!
  • Cell Block - Rival gangs jostle position for power over the CELL BLOCK
  • Darwin's Desert - Two-player game where your pieces can "adapt" based on your strategic dice rolls.
  • Dice Dogs - Two-player competitive dog walking game with worker placement and push-your-luck.
  • Disoville Heroes - Fight crime, earn prestige, and become the town's greatest hero!
  • Don't Wake the Drake - Treasure Seekers roll dice to try and steal treasure from a sleeping Drake and not get eaten!
  • Double Docker - You're a docker docking cargo. Double dock, double your score.
  • Drakard - A solo, palindromic journey through the dragon Drakard's land
  • Dreamt I Was - A parallel mirror world of Ben Moy's dreams for two.
  • Factory Shift - Set blockers and try and slide the boxes to the goal in this abstract puzzle game.
  • Fish Feeding Frenzy - Fight to be the most fed fish in this fish feeding frenzy.
  • Fling! - The sport of the future! Teams use antigravity to fling each other across the field to score points.
  • Forkrunner 2086 - In a dystopian future, fight for resources to help your clan survive using augmented forktrucks!
  • FPS - Flick-Person Shooter - Fast paced Strategy/Dexterity Tactical Shooter
  • Gas - A destruction derby car combat game. Slam dice on the dashboard and drift into the danger zone!
  • Green Gold - Can you outbid, outwit and outbluff your opponents to get the most out of your olive grove……?
  • Homunculus - While the wizard is away, his magical minions battle each other for dominance!
  • Hoversmiths - Race to be the best Anvil-dropping, Vortex-hovering, Portal-warping Hoversmith!
  • Hunt for Mothman - Command a team on the hunt for the Moth Man.
  • I'm_In - A deduction/bluffing game where information itself is a resource.
  • Imhotep's Glory - It's Ancient Egypt, use your family's resources and workers to complete Imhotep's Glorious Pyramid!
  • Inner Space - Chess... but in space
  • Island Run - Run around the island and collect resources, gather goods & expand your tribe.
  • Je Tame - Collect resources and feed animals to tame them!
  • Kaleidoscope - Create patterns, combine colors and leap over your opponents to find the fastest path to the finish!
  • Khyber Pass - Two player trading game for Community Anthology project
  • Last Laugh - You're a late night TV show writer channeling jokes from the beyond.
  • Litter - Clean Up the Beach - A quick and fun solo game with an important message
  • Lock'Em! - A Great Escape To Victory
  • Meeple Quest - Send your Meeples out to quest for treasure, fame, and glory!
  • Meeples of War - A fast paced action shooting board game for 2 to 4 players
  • Micro Dojo - In Micro Dojo, you are one of two Daimyos tasked by the Shogun to bring prosperity to a small town.
  • Monster Rolls - Dice selection cooperative game
  • Mountain Dice - Become the king of the Mountain
  • Out for Mud! - Gather mud and lilies to make your boats and rule the pond!
  • Outpost - Outwit and out-roll your opponent to stake your island claims.
  • Popularity - Influence other kids on campus to become the most popular kid at the school.
  • Rail Mail - The Postal Game of Tracks & Signals.
  • Ride the Rapids - Flick your pieces over the coil, then land them in the right area! Just watch out for the rocks…
  • Rolling Acres - Outwit your opponents to make your fortune in the hottest neighborhood in town!
  • Ruthless Prospecting - Motivated by extreme need or greed, use tactics to confound rivals & collect the most jewels
  • Sasq-Watch - You're a Sasquatch hunter in Sasquatch country.
  • Saucer Squashers - A 1v1 semi-dexterity game of an alien invasion.
  • Scepter of the Eternal Flame - A cooperative push-your-luck and pattern-building dice-rolling game in an adventurous atmosphere.
  • Sea of Peril - Sail your Cargo ships across the Sea of Peril, avoid pirates and opponents to dominate the world!
  • Secondary Colors - Crews of painters compete against each other to paint as many tiles as they can.
  • Seven Screams Seven Trials - Players bid against each other, to injure opponents and escape from eternal damnation
  • Sisyphus - A fast-paced challenging slide puzzle game. Race to push your boulder up the mountain!
  • Space Soup - Plan and time your route carefully. Check this out if you like Ricochet Robots or Primordial Soup.
  • Statecraft - A 4X deck builder battle for political power without the deck.
  • Steeple People - Play as a religion, using your four Steeple People to convert as many visitors as possible.
  • Stranded - A game of island survival and rescue for 1-4 shipwrecked players.
  • Streetlights - After school, the fun and adventure begin, but be home when the Streetlights come on!
  • Summer Hustle - Race your friends through the suburb collecting jobs (and cash) before the school year starts.
  • Sumo Dice: Double Deru Dohyo - 2 players take control of 4 Rikishi in a double team sumo wrestling match. Last die standing wins!
  • Tater Tots - Roll for tots, share for friends.
  • Tetropolis Isles - Send out workers to surround cute islands with your boats. Then score big by placing your villages!
  • The Bible Ladder - Travel through The Holy Bible from Eden to Eternity.
  • The Great Crystal War - A quick playing battle game where wizards face off with powerful crystal magic!
  • Tourney - 2-player Medieval Tournament Style coilbook game.
  • Track & Tumble - The Racing Runners Game
  • Treasure Run! Mini - The Crowns of Aengor have been STOLEN! Brave the Caverns of Confusion to retrieve them for the King!
  • Tribal Island - You are the leader of a tribe. Collect resources, keep morale high and develop your community!
  • Up & Away - Race against your opponent to navigate your balloon higher than previously thought possible!
  • Venari - An abstract strategic battle to capture your opponent's soldiers!
  • Villian's Journey: A Few Gems More - Villain's Journey: A Few Gems More is a quick, challenging race to collect gems and earn points.
  • You Got Served - Serve up some fun with tabletop beach volleyball.

Want to check it out before you buy? Download the complete anthology here!

The Game Crafter Community Anthology Volume One is compiled, edited, and designed by the members of The Community Anthology Committee:

Special thanks to the staff of The Game Crafter and to the TGC designer community for their time and dedication to creating all these games. This is for all of us - enjoy!


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  • 78 games from the entrants of the TGC Anthology Contest
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  • A plethora of themes and mechanisms all using the same parts

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  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.
  • This game contains a premium upgrade where the printed components will be embossed with a linen texture.
  • This game does not come in a box.


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