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The All Type Tarot

A tarot to brighten, reveal and bring new perspectives!

The All Type Tarot was designed to clarify the symbolic nature of the arcana to beginners while give a new look to the tarot lovers. It uses a graphic language that values ​​typography allied with the interpretive meanings of letters.

It was started as a research study on composition techniques in All Type design, together with the application of interpretive keys of the arcana, resulting a deck that facilitates initial contact with the tarot through the use of the linguistic perceptual channel.

It has an innovative proposal regarding the Hermetic Kabbalah Tarot, the previous project conceived by the Designer and Occultist Rodrigo Grola. The All Type Tarot has the same assumptions, rules and symbolic concepts of the color scales and their correlations according to Golden Down. As a study tool, both decks complement each other in the task of permeating and encircling the revelation of the Tarot, and use them together is an interesting experience.

The internal division of the All Type Tarot into Minor Arcana and Major Arcana presents a specific organization to each group. The first possessing unique characteristics trying to find in the form and spelling of the text the meaning of the letters themselves and the second delineating imagery compositions that facilitate understanding.

See the review on Glamour Zombie by Ana Nicas: **

In the links below you will have access to the public material developed for the Hermetic Kabbalah Tarot but that also serves as support for the All Type. Download for free:

» Color Scale (King, Queen, Emperor and Empress Scales) HKT2-ColorScale.pdf

» Tree of Life HKT2-TreeOfLife.pdf

» Hermetic Cross HKT2-Hermetic-Cross.pdf

» Lamen HKT2-Lamen.pdf

» Jacob´s Ladder HKT2-JacobsLadder.pdf

Or, if you wish, you can acquire the high quality images at:

Society6 ( - USA

ArtFlakes ( - Europe

Also know the Hermetic Kabbalah Tarot!

This is the All Type Tarot..




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Average Rating 9 reviews
Publish Date November 17, 2017
Edition First
Department Tarot and Oracles
Genre Religion
Theme Magic
Audience Mature / Adult
More Info The All Type Tarot web site

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Glamour Zombie

  • A fantastic tool for students and tarot professionals
  • A 100% keyword-focused deck
  • Excellent to be used for divination and rituals

Rodrigo A. Grola/Hod Studio

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  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.


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