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The Radiant Souls Oracle

An innovative and beautiful square oracle deck bursting with information and vibrant color




Within you lies an ultimate self, glowing with potential, radiating with possibility. The greatness that lies within you is beyond compare, it longs to be seen it yearns to be known, first by you and then by your world. The universe already recognizes this one as you, the super-human, the inconquerable, the ungovernable, the untamed. You are greatness waiting to be revealed, don't be shy or afraid. The Radiant Souls Oracle Deck is a tool to help guide you to the greatness you have within. It is square deck with an innovative four-keyword system which combine to form intricate phrases and sentences for guidance and contemplation. The cards themselves are each a unique work of art, vibrant with brilliant jewel-tones and rainbow hues. This deck will inspire you to proceed towards what you've been too shy to step into, it will encourage you to cease being small, and begin to live as someone grand.


  •  36 Square Cards
  •  Booklet of Meanings
  •  Thank-You Insert
  • Full-color Box

This is the third deck from creator Kat Crow, creator of the Inner Mask Oracle and Utopian Futhark Rune Cards.



Written by Amanda Bell of Indie Deck Review:

"The Radiant Soul Oracle is bursting with color. Every time I take it out of the box to work with it, I get lost in all of the different colors. I find myself trying to identify each one, and it’s like looking into neon but without the eye strain. For me, this is pure delight.

"Kat Crow has created another deck full of life for a (my) neurodivergent brain. Each square card has a keyword in each of the four corners. It’s been an interesting exercise to read what shows up when the cards are next to each other, and to figure out where that sentence begins.

"In the second photo I found: Finishing Recovery, Guidance, Symmetry "But, when I came back to it later, I read it as: Recovery & guidance symmetry. Finishing. Then in the evening when I came back to my table it read: The Cyclic Symmetry, Finishing the Completed, The Immersed Recovery. Guidance, the Reflector.

"So much came pouring out with those prompts. Journaling, a reading, sections of a poem. A post-it note filled with thoughts.

"I kept going back to that method of reading with this deck and found a ton of phrases to think on throughout my day.

"The art is beautiful, I’ve been a fan of Kat’s since I reviewed their Inner Mask Tarot a few years ago. It’s one of my favorite decks for introspection."


The Radiant Souls Oracle was awarded "Red Stone Seller" in 2021, an award given to only .6% of games on The Game Crafter.

For more information, see the original Kickstarter Campaign




Creator Kat Crow is now doing readings. Head to her Readings Page for more info

Designed with love in New York City

Printed in the USA

All Content copyright 2021 Kat Crow (Kathleen Kralowec) all rights reserved.

See more of Kat Crow's art on Instagram @ConsciousDust


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Publish Date January 07, 2022
Edition First
Department Tarot and Oracles
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More Info The Radiant Souls Oracle web site

Why buy this?

"The Radiant Soul Oracle is bursting with color. Every time I take it out of the box to work with it, I get lost in all of the different colors."

  • Successfully funded on Kickstarter at over 200%
  • Positively reviewed by and Woophoria
  • Gorgeous colors and provocative keywords


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