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Head Scratcherz Pubz

Pub customers will roll with laughter with these fun questions!




47 head-scratching questions!

HEAD SCRATCHERZ® is a suite of card decks that offer 47 thought-provoking questions designed to challenge your mind and stretch your imagination—while spurring a deep, fun and friendly discussion with two or more people.

HEAD SCRATCHERZ Pubz was created with pub and bar owners and managers in mind! This collection of fun, stimulating and light-hearted questions for ages 18+ are perfect for game nights. Or, place them on your tables to help customers spark conversation with friends they came with—or those they just met!

Put off last call! Your customers will be rolling with laughter and making fond memories of their visit to your pub or bar with questions like:

  • Can you describe something in a way that makes another player's mouth salivate or pucker?

  • How can you make a dance step that's not widely known for being sexy (such as square dancing) appear sexy?

  • Can you speak one language with the accent of another, for instance, speak French with a British accent?

  • Why is it so difficult to keep a secret?

  • How would you change the effect that alcohol has on you if you could?

TO PLAY: Select a HEAD SCRATCHERZ question card, read it aloud, give all players an opportunity to answer—then discuss!

Enjoy HEAD SCRATCHERZ Pubz at your favorite bars and pubs!

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Publish Date November 23, 2017
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Why buy this?

  • Takes conversations beyond ordinary chit-chat!
  • Gives you questions that challenge your mind!
  • Enjoy a laugh with friends while sharing a drink!

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