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Memory Kings

A brilliant remake of the beloved children's game with a tactical twist





Memory Kings is a family abstract game with tactical movement and memory elements for 1 to 4 players. It is based on the classic children's game Pairs (a.k.a. Match Up or Concentration), but with a tactical twist. Players must find divided troops to recruit them by strategically moving their pawns across a grid of hidden cards. They can solicit rooks, bishops, knights, or the Queen herself to escort the pawns. The player that recruits the most pairs wins!

You can learn it in less than 5 minutes and the mechanics are light enough so kids and the most casual players will be hooked instantly. However, there's strategical depth that will satisfy the most competitive players. Memory Kings narrows the generation gap by introducing depth to the classic child's game of Pairs, while still keeping the pattern movement and options simple enough for kids.

If you cannot purchase the game due to shipping costs and high taxes, but you like Memory Kings and would like to support it and its designer, consider purchasing the official Print and Play version.

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  • Note: Besides the physical copy, by purchasing this game you also gain access to the Print and Play version of all cards in the Standard Game and Extra Seasons Expansion with official art.

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  • Besides moving a single square, your pawns can move as the chess piece represented on the card they're on. For example, any number of spaces diagonally, if on a bishop. This is called Escorting;
  • If you find an identical pair with your pawns, you place a token over each card. You gain an extra turn and, from then on, only your pawns can be escorted when on those cards. This is called Recruiting;
  • If you reveal the Queen, peek a card without showing to your opponents. This is called the Queen's Advice;
  • The winner is the player who first recruits a set number of pairs (e.g. 6 pairs in a 2 players match).

Download the official Rules


But is it Good? (Circle of Nerds) - Game Review

Standard 2-4 Player Tutorial

Solo Variant Tutorial/Playthrough


In the solitary variant of Memory Kings, you try to recruit a minimum number of pairs before running out of time.

But beware, any false movement can cost you pairs and speed up the clock to the end of the match.

  • Super challenging
  • Independent of luck
  • Huge replayability
  • No impossible solutions

Rules can be found in pages 5-6 from the Rules Booklet.


  • "I was pleasantly surprised by Memory Kings. I have a horrible memory and typically avoid games that rely on remembering hidden information, but the strategies in Memory Kings made it so that I was still able to do well. It was such a fun game and I'm excited to add it to my collection. I think it will be one that I could easily play with my kids, too." - Chris Williams (1-2 Punch (2021), Trace the Stars (2020), Dark Spires (TBA))

  • "The box fits into the palm of your hand, it doesn't take up a lot of table space, there's a lot of strategy built in for both multiplayer and solo. There's just a lot of really really great things to say about it." - Daddy Louie (Circle of Nerds (Board Games Youtube Channel))

  • "I was impressed with how much subtle strategy there is with the movement aspect. Sometimes we would race to a card, and you need some decent pathfinding skills with the escort powers. This one is staying on my shelf." - Chris Rossetti (Fiefdoms (2020), 11:59 (2019), Zombie Road (2018), Brace for Impact (2017))

  • "Memory Kings is one of those games that surprises you by the exquisite composition of mechanisms already well known: memory and chess. The unusual mix creates a bright, fast game with room for an evolution of skill. Playing casually or more competitively, there is much to explore in this game!" - Igor Knop (Gnomopolis (2018), Àiyé (TBA) | Igor Knop Jogos (Youtube Channel))

  • "Memory Kings is a game for those who enjoy fast-paced games with a classic feel. Inspired by chess pieces, with graphics that refer to the great classic, it also brings elements of memory. Being compact, it can be played anywhere and with any type of player, because the rules can be explained in 5 minutes. Another cool point is that you can play several games in a row! If you like the references, it's worth having it on the shelf." - Bianca Melyna & Moisés P. de Souza (Grasse (2018), Overdrive (2018), Hokusai (TBA))

  • "I wanted to take a moment to highlight the Solo Variant of Memory Kings as a strong example of not only a multiplayer game that was converted into a single player one in a creative way but also as an effective standalone single player game in general, which are difficult to come by and even more difficult to design." - Luke Graber (Ribbit Rivalry (2020))


MKings Digital (on

In MKings Digital, you can play both the Standard Game and the Solo Variant on your PC!

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Includes: automatic cards placement and flipping, two grid sizes and arrangement setups, self moving Counter King, and more.

  • Note: Currently just for Windows

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Publish Date June 10, 2020
Edition The Game Crafter Edition
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Why buy this?

The box fits into the palm of your hand, it doesn't take up a lot of table space, there's a lot of strategy built in for both multiplayer and solo. There's just a lot of really great things to say...

  • ♚ Super simple gameplay, but challenging to master
  • ♔ Randomised setup with huge replayability
  • ♚ Mix of memory, probability, strategy and tactical movement


  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.
  • This game contains a premium upgrade where the printed components will be embossed with a linen texture.


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